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Our experience with Rebecca was very positive. She easily understood the problems we were having with Otto. Otto responded well not only to her treats but also to her confident, praising natures.

She helped us realize how truly ‘ready to learn’ he was and we were able to take her tips through the week. Even with a busy schedule, I can see how just a few minutes a day working with the clicker and positive rewards keeps Otto relaxed both in our home and when out on walks with other dogs and children.”

— Ali and Otto

Rebecca is awesome. We’d worked with two trainers before her and found her style and approach the most helpful for us…and the most successful with Cyrus. He’s a five year old rescue with lots of energy and enthusiasm for people but anxiety around other dogs. Rebecca helped us understand his “issues” and also gave us a really useful and doable work plan. Her work with him (and with us) has really helped us manage his energy better in the house and improved our walks—we used hate walks for fear of meeting another dog now we are more confident and know how to handle the unavoidable run ins with dogs when out.”

— Sacha and Cyrus

Rebecca helped our six year-old boxer tremendously with basic impulse controls. Within weeks of adopting our dog (who had no prior socialization), Rebecca was able to transform him into a well-mannered and well-behaved dog. Rebecca took the time to get to know us and our dog and we noted tremendous improvement from session to session. She was also very flexible with our schedule and went above and beyond to provide the best for our dog. I’d absolutely recommend Rebecca for any dog training, big or small.

— Curtis and Pilot

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Rebecca has helped our family tremendously with our new pup! As first time puppy owners, Rebecca helped us to teach our guy good doggy behavior in a positive and thoughtful way. We have a lot to learn and are grateful for her to be part of our village!”

— Bill, Michele, and Scooter

We are very happy with our training. We love Becky, she is great. She is so good with the dogs & so great at explaining methods!”

Becky made the process of scheduling and meeting easy. She practiced “real world” experiences and really brought out a side of my dog Barney that I was surprised to see. I am very proud of him and his focus thanks to Becky’s expertise.”

— Meredith and Barney

I adopted my first rescue dog four years ago. However, I have had dogs my entire life. I found Rebecca‘s name in an advertisement in a pet store. Upon speaking with her I liked her soft-spoken manner. But more importantly than that, she understood the nature of my dog and the nature of my personality.

She taught me so much about how to actually train a dog with a gentle positive loving approach that is not based on treats. She reinforced the importance of the relationship and bond without judgement. We also laughed and had a good time as she genuinely and thoroughly enjoyed her work. Four years later I still text her and send pictures and videos of my dog to thank her for all that she taught me.”

— Jayne and Dallas

Because of her dog-training skills, Rebecca gave us the gift of our perfectly socialized and well-behaved dog, Mimi, whom we adopted after she was returned twice to a shelter.

Rebecca patiently taught Mimi to understand and communicate in thIs confusing world of people. She taught Mimi to think and learn. To us, it was a miracle. She also patiently and kindly instructed us, Mimi’s parents, how to teach Mimi new behaviors. Mimi continues to enjoy learning new skills which she will joyfully perform any time for anyone. Mimi loves Rebecca and loved every minute of her classes.

Thank you, Rebecca!”

— Ruth, Chuck, and Mimi

Rebecca taught us the skills and techniques to change our dog’s behavior.

She was a great coach to help us understand what was making him behave disruptively, and what we had to do to help him change.

We admire Rebecca’s innate skill in understanding why dogs behave the way they do. She is clear, calm, and supportive in teaching us how to train our dog.”