Love life with the dog you have.

 Celebrate the dog training journey. You’ve come to the right place.



  • a peaceful walk with your dog while your mind wanders. You are not worrying about squirrels or other dogs. Theres no pulling, no barking.
  • A dog who is welcome at family gatherings- baseball practice, outdoor summer concerts. You are not worried about your dog barking louder than the band, or jumping in the game to catch a fly ball.

I can see it. I can get you there.

Puppy Training

You love your puppy.. and would love a break


  • nipping
  • jumping
  • chewing
  • pottying

Training to get through the mischievous puppy stage 

Dog Training

You have the best dog. Have an even better dog.

  • Fine tune manners
  • Stop the pulling or barking – take walks you both enjoy. 
  • Come when called – safe freedom to be a dog
  • Dog, cat, kid household interactions- keep the peace!

Bring your struggle!

Service Dog Coaching

Bring out the best in each other by training your own service dog.

  • Custom coaching for your unique needs.
  • Accentuating two way communication between you and your dog
  • Ensuring a service dog relationship built on mutual respect and trust


“Our family has been relying on Rubydog Training since we brought our pup home and at only six months she behaves beautifully at home, in crowds, stores, trails, and neighborhood walks.  Highly recommend Rubydog training.”

— Kelly, Ursa and Major

Training Philosophy

Each canine and human learner is an individual, and each team unique. RubyDog uses force free, reward-based methods to help each team succeed.

Taking emotional states of both person and dog into consideration, we teach behaviors and expectations in a non-threatening way. By removing the fear and shame in learning we see teams who are not afraid to take chances, or make mistakes. Learning in this safe way fosters trust and strengthens the relationship between learner and teacher.

Our goal is to make your training journey fulfilling — we seek to promote confident, curious learning and celebrate accomplishments along the way.