Facilitating teamwork and communication between people and dogs.

Celebrate the journey itself on the way to your destination.

We provide human and canine education — if you are growing or starting a new relationship with your dog, or seeking to gain freedom with a service dog — you’ve come to the right place.

Puppy Life Skills

The relationship starts here! Puppyhood can be a challenging and exciting time. We provide preventative maintenance and custom troubleshooting to tackle puppy antics including- nipping, jumping, crate training, house manners – we will also help you channel all that puppy energy – Get in touch to start your journey on the right foot.

Adolescent/Adult Dog Life Skills

Work with your dog to perfect the art of listening to each other. Strengthen your relationship while fine tuning social skills and manners. We can help make your walks more enjoyable, your outings together less stressful, and teach your pup to settle at the end of the day. Get in touch to make your life easier.

Service Dog Coaching

Coaching for people with disabilities to train their own service dog. Each team is individual and each training plan is customized to meet your and your dog’s unique needs. Get in touch to start training your dog and bring out the best in each other.

Training Philosophy

Each canine and human learner is an individual, and each team unique. RubyDog uses force free, reward-based methods to help each team succeed.

Taking emotional states of both person and dog into consideration, we teach behaviors and expectations in a non-threatening way. By removing the fear and shame in learning we see teams who are not afraid to take chances, or make mistakes. Learning in this safe way fosters trust and strengthens the relationship between learner and teacher.

Our goal is to make your training journey fulfilling — we seek to promote confident, curious learning and celebrate accomplishments along the way.

"Our experience with Rebecca was very positive.

She easily understood the problems we were having with Otto.  Otto responded well not only to her treats but also to her confident, praising natures.  She helped us realize how truly ‘ready to learn’ he was and we were able to take her tips through the week.  Even with a busy schedule, I can see how just a few minutes a day working with the clicker and positive rewards keeps Otto relaxed both in our home and when out on walks with other dogs and children.”

— Ali and Otto

"Rebecca is awesome.

We’d worked with two trainers before her and found her style and approach the most helpful for us…and the most successful with Cyrus. He’s a five year old rescue with lots of energy and enthusiasm for people but anxiety around other dogs. Rebecca helped us understand his “issues” and also gave us a really useful and doable work plan. Her work with him (and with us) has really helped us manage his energy better in the house and improved our walks—we used hate walks for fear of meeting another dog now we are more confident and know how to handle the unavoidable run ins with dogs when out.”

— Sacha and Cyrus

"Rebecca helped our six year-old boxer tremendously with basic impulse controls.

Within weeks of adopting our dog (who had no prior socialization), Rebecca was able to transform him into a well-mannered and well-behaved dog. Rebecca took the time to get to know us and our dog and we noted tremendous improvement from session to session. She was also very flexible with our schedule and went above and beyond to provide the best for our dog. I’d absolutely recommend Rebecca for any dog training, big or small.”

— Curtis and Pilot