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Service Dog Training Program

Rubydog Training can help:

  • Find a dog or puppy to train as your service dog
  • Train your dog or puppy to be your service dog
  • Decide which ways a service dog can help you
  • Guide you through the service dog training process (which can be overwhelming!)


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Having a service dog has given me back not only my independence but my peace of mind going places or doing activities that could be health triggers.

Training Callie myself, with help, means that I get the expertise of a trainer while also getting to bond with my dog through training.

Rebecca has always met us wherever we are to help us get to where we want to be.

Emma & Callie

Service Dog Training Program

The right service dog can improve your life by providing freedom, choices, options, and a new perspective.  A service dog in your life can make things a little easier.

  • Help you get you out of bed in the morning
  • Remind you to make medicine on time
  • Provide a buffer in an uncomfortable situation.
  • Physical tasks such as retrieving dropped items and turning on light
  • Provide comfort in the form of deep pressure therapy or the relief in knowing you are not alone.
  • Sense and intervene to alleviate anxiety/depression/dissasociation

RubyDog Training will teach your dog how to communicate that support when needed. This is a relationship built on mutual respect and trust and like any relationship develops over time.


Can the dog I have now be my service dog?

We will start with an evaluation to see what your goals are and how a dog can factor into your treatment plan. We will then conduct an evaluation of your dog through a series of questions and exercises to determine if they are a good fit. Many amazing dogs are not cut out for the demands of a working service dog. It is important your dog is not only able to meet the physical demands, and able to remain calm but that it’s a job your dog wants to and is able to do without stress.

Keep in mind that even if your dog isn’t a candidate for a service dog, they are still able to provide comfort, relief and be trained to provide services and tasks to help at home and places pets are allowed.


Will you help me find a service dog candidate?

Yes. We will meet for an evaluation to determine what kind of dog will be the best match for your lifestyle and the tasks you require. You will have support during the dog or puppy search, including interview breeders or shelters, which might include dog visits and temperament evaluations.

Starting with a puppy: Each dog is an individual, and a puppy is not a blank slate. There are many factors that come together to form your adult dogs personality. In much the same way there is no guarantee that the daughter of two lawyers will be the next law school protégé, there is no guarantee that your puppy will make a future service dog regardless of their lineage. There are elements we can look for and nurture in a puppy that can improve the odds of your puppy growing up to be a good candidate for a service dog, but it is a risk. A dog needs to have reached social maturity before we will know if they are a viable service dog candidate. Keep in mind the bond you have with your puppy can be healing in itself and your puppy will still be able to learn tasks to improve your quality of life at home and where pets are allowed.

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What do you need from me to get started training my own service dog?

  • A letter of confirmation and support from your licensed healthcare provider. In addition to giving a diagnosis, the letter must also affirm that your condition is disabling as defined by the ADA.
  • Commitment to participating in consistently scheduled training lessons, and the ability to train between lessons. Each team is unique in personality and situations therefore each team is ready in their own time at their own pace. Most teams train constantly for an average of 2 years. After which regular training is required to maintain the behaviors you’ve taught.
  • Your word that you will wait until your dog has developed reliable foundation skills and has been evaluated to have the temperament required to pursue Service Dog training before putting service dog identification on your dog.


What certifications does my dog need to be a service dog?

In the United States, there is no legal certification/ registry or evaluation required to certify your dog as a service dog, but there is a level of behavioral standards that must be met. The only way to turn your dog into a service dog is through training, and responsibly ensuring they are capable of safely navigating the world as a working dog.

Beware any website or organization that requires a fee to “certify” or “register” your dog as a service dog in the United States, as this certification and registry is not recognized.

Your dog is legally a service dog when:

  • He/she has impeccable manners and responds reliably to obedience cues
  • Can reliably complete tasks that assist your disabilities
  • Is leashed and under your compete control
  • Is quiet and unobtrusive