Where Do I Start?

IF YOU: Want Continued Training:

“My dog is amazing and I’d like to take him with me”

IF YOU:  Have New Developments: “My teenaged dog is making up new rules- help!”

IF YOU: Have Unforeseen Circumstances:

“I brought a new dog home and now he barks at other dogs”

START HERE: Dog Training Package

IF YOU:  Want to improve a specific part of your dogs routine- leash manners, coming when called, Leave the chicken bones on walks..


 IF YOU:  have questions about specific scenarios before you’re ready to commit to a lesson package.

START HERE: Consultation

Just have a few questions? Contact us here.

Dog Tune Up

Customized to your individual dog and your house rules

Recommended for a deep dive in to a specific behavior –Leash Walking,  coming when called, Leave it

Your package includes :

  • 3 hour long lessons – consultation, follow up and check in
  • One on one email/text support as needed for hard or puzzling days


Dog Training Package

Customized to your individual dog training needs and your house rules.

For your sweet puppy who is now a teenager and trying out new behaviors (and trying your patience)

For the new to you dog who is starting to feel comfortable in their new home (and the changes that brings with it.)

For the dog who needs a basic manners tune up

For your dog behavior challenges (barking lunging, counter surfing, dumpster diving)

Support for your next adventure

Your package includes :

  • I hour long consultation virtually or in-person
  • 5 hours of lesson time to be used virtually or in-person
  • One on one email/text support as needed for hard or puzzling days
  • Dog starter kit (treat bag, treats, Lili Chin Doggie Language book, enrichment toy)



Meeting for a consultation allows us to get to know each other, discuss your short term and long-term dog training goals, and answer questions about dog training methods.

During the consultation we will:

  • Create a tailored dog training plan.
  • Provide dog training and management tips to help right away.
  • Set up a lesson package to move forward.

Consultations last an hour, can be held virtually or in-person.


Rebecca patiently taught Mimi to understand and communicate in thIs confusing world of people. She taught Mimi to think and learn. To us, it was a miracle. She also patiently and kindly instructed us, Mimi’s parents, how to teach Mimi new behaviors.

Ruth, Chuck & Mimi

Give your dog the freedom to be a dog

Teach your dog to read the room

Theres time for crazy and time for calm