About RubyDog Training

RubyDog provides individual support for you and your dog on the journey to finishing each other’s sentences.

RubyDog offers puppy training and socialization, adult and adolescent dog training, owner trained service dog coaching, preventative maintenance, and custom troubleshooting in the East Norriton, PA area in person and anywhere in the world remotely.

Whether it’s love at first sight, or love that grows with each passing day, your relationship with your dog is unique. RubyDog Training will enhance the way you and your dog understand each other.

  • Start teaching your puppy as soon as they come home to inoculate them against behavior challenges.
  • Continue teaching as you grow together.
  • Celebrate the milestones from crate training to hiking off leash on the journey to your relationship goals.

Address conflicts such as leash lunging, separation anxiety, and resource guarding before they start. Teach your dog to recognize and attend to their own comfort levels in a way that is also socially acceptable in our human world.

About Rebecca

Rebecca started RubyDog Training in 2012 and has been working with dogs for as long as she can remember — she first apprenticed with a trainer at age eleven. She grew up in Mexico City in a house filled with animals, including five dogs — they were her first teachers. Her childhood dream was to speak to animals, and after years of researching and observing animal behavior, she has come pretty close.

Understanding how dogs communicate and seeing the comfort, support, and independence offered by the human animal bond led Rebecca to concentrate on service dog training.

She specializes in psychiatric service dogs and has coached many teams in learning tasks to assist with depression, anxiety, and PTSD, as well as the manners and confidence to implement these tasks in daily life. RubyDog is dedicated to helping others achieve and benefit from the connection between people and animals.

Rebecca has worked with and been inspired by countless dogs of all ages and breeds. In addition to service dog training, she enjoys helping families and their dogs understand each other. Her end goal for RubyDog Training’s canine clients is basic obedience, manners, impulse control, and solving common household problems. She is also experienced in behavior modification techniques used to teach dogs to cope with anxiety, fear and reactivity.

Rebecca lives with her two daughters, a sweet but nervous Rottweiler mix, a small in body, large in mind terrier mix, and a menagerie of cats, chickens, turtles, and assorted fish.

Certification Matters

The dog training industry is unregulated, meaning anyone can call themselves a dog trainer regardless of methods used, experience level or knowledge of dogs. Work with us and know you are in the hands of certified, highly trained experts.

At RubyDog training we are proud to be certified and place a high value on the accountability and responsibility that achieving and maintaining industry-recognized certifications offers. We offer the clients who trust us with their dog’s education training services that employ scientifically-sound training principles. These certifications require continuing education credits to remain valid. Certified trainers are always learning new things and are up to date on the latest findings in the dog training industry.

Rebecca’s Credentials

Rebecca holds the following certifications; Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Behavior (KPA-CTP) is a Certified Fear Free Professional, AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator, AHH, Animal and Human Health certification in the human/animal bond from the University of Denver’s department of social work.

In addition to her studies in animal behavior, Rebecca has a BFA from University of the Arts in Pennsylvania. This background in art has led to keen observation skills and creative problem solving that has enhanced her work as a trainer.