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Step 1: Consultation

Meeting for a consultation allows us to get to know each other, discuss your short term and long-term training goals, and answer questions about training methods.

During the consultation we will:

  • Create a tailored training plan.
  • Provide training and management tips to help right away.
  • Set up a lesson package to move forward.

Consultations last an hour, can be held virtually or in-person.



Step 2: Puppy Package

Tailored to your individual puppy needs

Help with crate training, stopping the nipping, pottying outside, socializing, leash walking, coming when called- the possibilities are endless!

Your package includes :

  • 5 hours of lesson time to be used virtually or in-person
  • One on one email/text support as needed for hard days
  • Puppy enrichment toy and 



Don't have a puppy yet?

We can help you with Puppy Selection!

If you are planning to bring a puppy into your family, RubyDog Training can help you find a candidate that would be the best match for your lifestyle.

Consultation is adjustable to your specific situation and may include breeder, rescue or shelter recommendations, phone calls or email correspondence with breeders or shelter staff, or temperament assessments of prospective dogs.

One -On -One Puppy Lessons


Puppyhood can be a challenging and exciting time. We provide custom troubleshooting to tackle puppy antics, like nipping and jumping.

We cultivate crate comfort, house manners, and ideas to channel all that puppy energy.

Teach relaxation skills and handling exercises to make vet visits, grooming, and home health checks a stress-free experience.

Working together brings out the best in both of you.

Puppy Class!

Puppy Social Circle- Play and Learn

Wednesdays 10-11 am

$280 for 6 sessions

An introductory life skills program for puppies 8weeks- 6 months.

During this trainer-led class your puppy will learn:

social skills with other dogs, people, and new things.

Daily curriculum includes house manners, polite greeting, crate training, coming when called, impulse control, and leash work as well as relaxation skills and handling exercises to make vet visits, grooming, and home health checks a stress free experience.

Need more help?

Try Our Maintenance Training Subscription!

Protect your hard work and keep things running smoothly. Schedule a monthly tune up once you are in a good place so you can keep it that way!

1 Zoom Call Per Month (30 Minutes Each) ~ $50

2 Zoom Calls Per Month (30 Minutes Each) ~ $100