Rebecca Brame

March 4, 2022

Having spent so long (longer than I thought possible) with out a dog in my life- I wanted my next dog to be perfect. I researched and planned, searched high and low. I had always been drawn to vizslas – learning of their characteristics in my childhood dog, Ninfa, and in her mother, Linda, the street viszla. (story to follow I promise) I thought I knew then, but really know now, that you don’t get to determine the dog you have. Even a well bred, well researched puppy is not a blank slate – there are so many factors that make up the fabric of who we become- dogs and people alike.

Ruby was the first dog I had in my life as an adult- and though I grew up in a house with 5 dogs- and did know a lot about dogs, puppy raising, and dog behavior- Ruby still threw me for a loop.

She taught me that my training methods needed work- and she even had me crying on the floor at times wondering if I even liked dogs at all. I could not tire her out -we hiked, we went to the park 2 times a day- sun, rain or snow. It just took the edge off. The only time I saw her tired in the first few years of her life was after a 13 mile mountain bike ride. (I rode 13 miles- she lapped me at least once)

As a puppy she ran away from me, keeping me in sight and herself just out of reach- chewed up the last thing I touched before I left the house (so many sunglasses and tv remotes) One time brought my jewelry box downstairs and took out every earring, and necklace and laid them out on the floor like she was conducting a ritual to bring me back home.

Ruby was a person dog- she made connections with people I didnt even know. People in the neighborhood knew her name not mine. She would go up to people, put her head on their knee. The person would look at me, tears in their eyes and say “how did she know?” I would shrug, try to find the words to say I was just following her lead. She knew what she was doing-I still had a lot to learn.

I still run into people I recognize from the times Ruby and I would walk through the neighborhood together over 20 years ago now – I dont know their names, they dont know mine- but we still take a minute and talk about Ruby.

Ruby is the company namesake- she was a great dog, She humbled me, taught me more of what I thought I already knew about the bonds we share with our dogs. She became the most sold, trustworthy dog I have know in my life- in any situation. A true partner.